Governance Trust Structure

Trust Members

The members board are guardians of the governance of the trust. They hold the trust board to account for the effective governance of the trust but have a minimal role in the actual running of the trust. It is the trustee board, not the members, who are the organisation’s key decision makers. While members have no day-to-day or week-to-week role in running the company, a key responsibility is the appointment/ removal of Trustees/Directors.

Fr. Stephen Edmonds (Chair)
Mr Martin Oldknow
Mr Matthew Stewart
Prof. Samantha Twiselton

Mr Stewart Olsen

Mr Andrew Tuke (resigned 6th December 2021)

Board of Directors/Trustees

Trustees are both company directors and charity trustees as the MAT has the legal status of both company and charitable trust. The Trustees/Directors set the strategic direction of the trust, hold senior school leadership to account and oversee the trust's financial performance. The Trustees undertake 6 board meetings per year and are responsible for overall strategy, cross trust scrutiny, overall accountability, determining the schemes of delegation, pay and remuneration structure and Governance Appointments.

Mr John Blount (Chair)
Fr. Stephen Edmonds
Mrs Carol Ann Swift
Mrs Jill Wood
Ms Melissa Flett
Mr Richard Brown
Mrs Iizzie Drylie
Ms Vivienne Trask-Hall
Mr Robert Carpenter
Mr Robert Stephenson

Mr Paul Ainsworth

Mr Stewart Olsen (resigned 22nd April 2022)
Mrs B A Nixon (Ex-Officio)
Mrs Joan Briggs (resigned 28th October 2021)
Mrs Doulla Simon (resigned 5th September 2021)
Mrs Diane Dunn (resigned 23rd May 2021)
Mr Andrew Hibbitt (resigned 10th February 2021)
Ms Leanne Hornsby (resigned 10th February 2021)

Directors/Trustees Committees

The committees which strategically drive and monitor standards across the Trust

Audit and Risk Committee

Reports to the board on the adequacy of the trust's internal control framework (non-financial controls and management of risks) Oversees and approve the trust's programme of internal scrutiny. Ensures that risks are being addressed appropriately through internal scrutiny and risk management.

Finance Committee

Reports to the board on the adequacy of the Trust's Financial controls and management. Oversees Trust funding, budgeting and spending, Asset Management, Premises Development and Management, Personnel and External Audits.

Education and Standards Committee

Responsible for overseeing the quality of education standards in all our academies. Monitors the work of the academies within the trust and supports the work of the LGB in holding their academies to account to deliver school improvement.

Academy Local Governing Boards

The role of the Local Governing Board is to provide focused governance for each academy, at a local level. In line with the scheme of delegation, the Local Governing Board have oversight of academy finance, personnel, pupil achievement, academy standard, application of Trust polices, approval of academy policies, academy community, academy performance. Academies also have committees to support their governance role, including Risk and Principal Performance