Our Motto

Our Motto


Children within our Trust will always be our main priority, with personalised learning as our starting point, making the challenges of 'Helping Children Achieve More' a reality.

Each child will be encouraged to develop:

  • a greater understanding of themselves as a learner
  • recognise what their strengths are
  • how they can share their strengths with others
  • understand what steps they need to undertake for their continual learning journey

Pupils will be encouraged and inspired to believe in themselves, build dreams and aspirations and strive to achieve these.

Every child will be given the same opportunity to succeed, whatever his or her prior attainment. A key feature of the Exceed Learning Partnership will be a learning curriculum which builds the characteristics of Learning across all schools within the trust. This will focus on our learning philosophy skills:
Resilience, Motivation, Collaboration, Creativity, Investigation, Teamwork and Evaluation.