Our Ethos, Vision and Values


Children within our Trust will always be our main priority, with personalised learning as our starting point, making the challenges of 'Helping Children Achieve More' a reality.

Every child will have the opportunities to expand their horizons, and build the confidence, talents, interests, skills and qualifications to succeed as they make their way towards a fulfilling and prosperous adulthood.

The amount of time children spend in education is finite. We have a responsibility to ensure every moment a child is in an Exceed Learning Partnership School, must be spent productively.

Once wasted, it is gone forever and cannot be given back.

Our Vision 

At Exceed Learning Partnership our vision is to equip young people with the knowledge, skills and mind-set to thrive and then take on the world!

We will achieve our vision by every child developing:

  • a greater understanding of themselves as a learner
  • recognise what their strengths are
  • how they can share their strengths with others
  • understand what steps they need to undertake for their continual learning journey

Pupils will be encouraged and inspired to believe in themselves, build dreams and aspirations and strive to achieve these.

At Exceed Learning Partnership we believe in social justice through exceptional schools, creating and sustaining the best schools in which to learn and work by pursuing social justice for all. All our academies are inclusive schools. They seek out and respond to the views of pupils and the wider community. At certain times, there may be difficulties in lives outside of the academy that may cause barriers to learning, including challenges to well-being. Our academies will foster a culture of support, working with a range of agencies to ensure that everyone can reach their full-potential.

Every child will be given the same opportunity to succeed, whatever his or her prior attainment. A key feature of the Exceed Learning Partnership will be a learning curriculum which builds the characteristics of Learning across all schools within the trust. This will focus on our learning philosophy skills:

Resilience, Motivation, Collaboration, Creativity, Investigation, Teamwork and Evaluation.

Our Values

INSPIRE - Embodied in the Trust motto, “Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day”, all members of our organisation aim for excellence in their individual professional roles, in our innovative, evidenced-based practice and in our pupils so that we can all fulfil our potential in whatever we aspire to do or be!

INCLUDE - At Exceed Learning partnership we are concerned with achieving equitable, diverse and quality education for all pupils. Social justice includes a vision of society in which the distribution of resources is equitable and all members are physically and psychologically safe and secure.

INTEGRITY - We respect the individuality of our academies and their communities and always act with integrity. By allowing high levels of autonomy wherever possible, we are able to nurture personalised learning approaches and focus on developing holistic people.

EXCEED - Excellence and enjoyment should be an entitlement for all children and adults working in our Trust. We are developing cutting-edge, research-informed and highly engaging pedagogies that ensure high levels of progress and rapid development of staff; leading to the highest levels of achievement for all!

Our Aims

Outstanding Professionals

To develop winning teams of Governors, leaders, staff and other stakeholders who are forward thinking, highly skilled, open, hardworking and determined to enable success for others

Innovative Systems Enabling Creative Schools

To create Innovative and sustainable schools that are creative, vibrant, safe, compliant, financially healthy, well resourced and exceptionally well governed and led

Strong Partnership and Communities

To Work closely with our local communities and parents to secure the best outcomes and opportunities for our learners.

To develop a network of partnerships across all our academies, our local area and across the country which are powerful in supporting the development of all.

Which enables.......

Exceptional Learners

To develop learners who are highly successful with attributes, skills and qualifications for a fulfilling life.

To ensure all our learners have a high quality school experience and enjoy an abundance of opportunities.