School policies cover every aspect of school life. Below are some of our most important policies for your reference. If you want to know our policy on something that is not listed, please contact the relevant Academy or Trust.


ELP - Admissions Policy 


Conduct, Performance and Human Resources

ELP - Capability Policy 

ELP - Code of Conduct Trust Members

ELP - Complaints Policy and Procedure 

ELP - Dignity at Work 

ELP - Disciplinary Policy 

ELP - Equality and Diversity Policy

ELP - Grievance Policy 

ELP - Managing Conflicts of Interest Policy 

ELP - Staff Code of Conduct 

ELP - Staff Induction Policy 


Finance and Operations

ELP - Anti-Fraud and Bribery Policy 

ELP - Business Support for Academies Policy and Procedures 

ELP - Charging and Remissions Policy 

ELP - Competitive Tendering and Procurement Policy Sept 2017 

ELP - Credit Card Policy 

ELP - Dinner Money Policy 

ELP - Expense Policy 

ELP - Finance Policy 

ELP - Hot Works Policy 

ELP - Investment Policy 

ELP - Pay Policy 

ELP - Reserves Policy

ELP - Reserves Appeals Procedure 


ICT, Information Management and Security

ELP - E-safety Policy

ELP - Freedom of Information and Data Protection

ELP - Social Media Policy v2

ELP - Use of Email Guidelines v1

ELP - Use of Mobile Phone Policy v1


Safeguarding, Well-being and Health & Safety

ELP - Health & Safety Policy v2

ELP - Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy v4

ELP - Safer Recruitment Policy v3

ELP - Whistleblowing Policy v3